Tuesday, November 23, 2010


hi all! wednesday was my 99th day in belgium. i went to town with my host dad, had some coffee at his office and then walked to the market to meet a girl from my class' boyfriend and another girl from my class..then we drove and picked up two more girls and finally made our way to where we were going. i'm sorry, i'm making really weird sentences right now because i am so tired!! i went with my class and another class to this "3 days" thing where you basically just bond with eachother and have somewhat deep conversations. i really liked it because i got to talk more with people not just from music. i love my music class but its nice for me to meet other people too, no? if you have ever seen the mtv show "if you really knew me" then you would understand what we did! i took a few pictures and i will try to post them tomorrow, like i said..way too tired now. but basically we did a lot of activities and talking, and a lot of it was really hard to understand but i tried my hardest! everyone was so nice and helpful to me, i think i am really lucky!! well..thats about it for wednesday, sorry!

ahh and here are a couple pictures i finally got around to uploading. first one is a blurry version of the class pretending to look like the people in the last supper picture, weird! then the next is umm..i dont know exactly, but we went inside and sang with monks!!

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