Sunday, November 21, 2010


day 96 in belgium, neato! nothing much to say about today. woke up really late, made some eggs to go along with the usual sunday breakfast, just like home almost..except not really! i sincerely mean it when i say that i did a whole lot of nothing today! i would have done a whole lot more of nothing but i decided to go to the harry potter movie with people from another class, or i think i would have literally sat around all day on facebook! the movie was not bad, but would have been so much better if i would have seen the rest of the harry potter movies or read the books. if i accomplished one thing today, it would be that i've officially decided its a necessity to wear gloves while biking. i biked without them todayand i could have sworn that my fingers were about to fall off!! i think the most exciting thing of today was either skyping with (both! together!) my parents or the goldfish dying. it was really nice to talk to my parents of course!! but here is the story of the fish...when i got here, they introduced me to the whole family which included also the cat and the goldfish. the goldfish was to remind them of their daughter who is in Taiwan on an exchange herself, and finally after over 3 months the little guy died! the poor thing had been swimming sideways and laying on the bottom of its bowl the past 4 days or so, something wrong with the swim bladder. so i googled the solution and we were supposed to give it the inside of a FROZEN PEA! but sadly it did not eat it so thus it died. did you know that they don't flush them down the toilet here like we do in america!?! i mean, if Nemo can go down the toilet so can anybody else, right? anyways.. for today, bloggers, i will leave you with the image of the poor little fish. rest in peace, lil fishy. oh and speaking of fish, i had pork for was good. hahahah goodnight all!

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