Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hey world. today was tuesday, and i'm doing all i can not to say "another shit day in belgium", hah! language class was fine, although waking up was hard. last night i couldn't fall asleep due to a scratching sound coming from what i assume to be the chimney. side note: if it was in fact a bird from the chimney, then the lovely scent from the cozy fire i'm currently smelling is definitely not just wood. GROSS! thus i forced myself to get ready quickly this morning so i could have coffee with my cereal! well folks, the caffeine worked..i could not fall asleep while in the library for two whole hours today. it was torture! if you've ever spent two hours in the "OLC" (our schools pathetic excuse for a library) then you know what i'm talking about. usually it's nap time in the library for me, but today i entertained myself by helping the french foreign exchange student with her english homework...which lasted a whole 3 minutes. then i FINALLY went to math class, where i sadly finished my book. i say sadly because then the next hour of drama class was a complete waste of life. overall, school today was 4 hours of my life i will never get back. great fun. the best part of my day was easily my bike ride home. for those of you who have never biked home in the breezy 40 degree rain, you have no idea what you're missing! it is SO MUCH DAMN FUN! okay, sorry about that. i came home and suddenly became more homesick than i think i have ever been. my dinner consisted of a couple bites of potato and a spoonful of cauliflower. it was not one of my better days. but i still have hope that tomorrow i can go tear-free and not think about home. to answer your question, YES. i DID in fact have a headache today. all day. no ibuprofen. i'm starting to wonder if he was right about my addiction ;).......goodnight world.

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  1. aaw. feel better j-mcK.
    You're probably having a lot of cool stuff happen that I don't get to have happen.
    Cuz i'm stuck in boring-ass South Dakota :/

    ANYWAYS. i still think you're cool :D