Friday, November 12, 2010


day 87 in belgium land. weather was terrible, but the day wasn't too bad. woke up way too early this morning and grabbed a poptart (yes, american poptarts..from the american store in antwerp!) and got in the car with my host mom and brother. we went to the grandma's house for a few hours, had some coffee and i tried my hardest to understand as much dutch as i could. i think i did a fairly good job, but then again, everyday conversations aren't that difficult to understand. after that we went to Hasselt and i was extremely car sick! stupid motion sickness, never fails to ruin my day! first we went to the top of the raddison hotel which was really scary because between motion sickness and an 18 story elevator ride, the view was pretty but it made me dizzy. so i had a coke and tried not to look down. i think at this point i was also a bit irritable and possibly even negative due to my motion sickness, lack of sleep, and possible head cold. after that we had lunch and walked around town a little and looked at stores. nothing too exciting, and normally i would elaborate and make it sound extremely fabulous but i'm far too tired and too lazy right now so thats all i have for today! as always, thank you for reading!

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