Monday, November 22, 2010


hi world! today was day 97, its really crazy actually. i can't believe that i've almost been here 100 days!! naturally today was extremely boring because it's a monday. it was also extremely cold, but go figure on that one. we have a new teacher in the language class now because our other teacher had to get surgery, and can't come back till march, but by march we will be in another level and thus have another teacher anyways! the new teacher is from turkey and has lived here 14 years, but still its not her native language, which is fine but maybe a little complicated for us? our other teacher was also extremely animated, warm, loud, and funny..we will miss her so much! i'm not sure if i would have survived all the dutch lessons without such a good teacher. the one now is a lot quieter, has almost no expression at all, and doesn't quite know howto handle discipline when she's half the age of some of the students, haha! but it was only the first day so we will see how tomorrow plays out. for lunch i sat in a room and watched some people practice singing. it was about as exciting as it sounds, you think? no it wasn't that it was sandwich monday so that helped too. then i had two hours of english, an
d i in fact DID learn something today! after being sent to the library to play some stupid "fill in the correct tense of the verb" computer game, i decided i was cool enough to take the "online test" (not an actual graded test..but at the end of all the practices you could try it for fun) and i got A 67%??!!! i thought, WHAT THE HECK, and re-read it and still couldn't figure out what was wrong. after some googling, the teacher and i came to this conclusion: (thanks wikipedia!)

Traditionally, BrE uses the present perfect to talk about an event in the recent past and with the words already, just, and yet. In American usage, these meanings can be expressed with the present perfect (to express a fact) or the simple past (to imply an expectation). This American style has become widespread only in the past 20 to 30 years; the British style is still in common use as well. Recently, the American use of just with simple past has made inroads into BrE, most visibly in advertising slogans and headlines such as "Cable broadband just got faster".
  • "I've just arrived home." / "I just arrived home."
  • "I've already eaten." / "I already ate."

so thus, i did really poorly! but not a problem, live and learn. then i had another hour reading alone in the library then an hour of watching the people in music class. then after school i went to the winkelstraat and bought myself a late birthday/early black-friday present. i know its really bright for winter, but i don't carry many books to school so i might as well put them in something bright and fun, right? plus why not spoil yourself every once in a're only young once, right? ;)
oh and for the record, the bruise on my hand is blue now, cool right?
so this was my blog for today..i hope you enjoyed it, because now it's time for me to take a shower and go to bed. burrrrr cold night under the covers!!! goodnight all!

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