Sunday, November 7, 2010


day 82. somethings getting at me today..homesickness, lack of sleep, the flu, claustrophobia, just something. it's one of those days where i feel extremely isolated, uninspired, and have a major headache. not only that but about 3 times today i felt incredibly dizzy and my sight got blurry for like..5 seconds each. things like that really freak me out, and sometimes even make me angry. i couldn't even eat dinner..this coming from the girl who lives for food. i just want to be home in my own bed, texting my own friends, living with my own mom, playing with my own dog, and feeling like my real self. days like this are really discouraging, its quite unfortunate! luckily tomorrow is always a new day, and it can only get better right? i guess i just wonder why i gave up everything, because i was so happy at home.. i really was. now i'm constantly out of my comfort zone, which is fine, but it builds up then occasionally there will be days like today and it just sucks. well i guess i've done enough complaining for today. sincere apologies for the negative, whiney, selfish blog post. but, my friends..its..reality.

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