Friday, November 5, 2010


hello blog world! sorry for not updating much about yesterdays blog, but i added some pictures so i hope that counts!! but either way yesterday was pretty much what i expected. the only notable thing was that i rode on my first tram and it was kind of cool but i felt pretty car sick! then we went to bed around 6 and woke up around 1030...both AM! ridiculous. so needless to say i am really really tired!!then we woke up and went to another part of antwerp's downtown-ish area and had lunch at this crazy dive of an italian place..i mean just look at the decorations!
it was good of course i mean who can complain about spaghetti and a guy with a giant chunk of pizza dough!then we just walked around a little more and saw some shops (including the store American Apparel.. usually would have bought some plain shirts but um..they have the same price in the US only it has a dollar sign in front of it, not a euro sign, haha..but it's all made in the USA which is cool)then we took the tram back to some suburb where her host mom picked us up and took us TO THE AMERICAN FOOD STORE! now if there are three words i love to hear while in belgium its "america" and "food" and "store"..hah!! so this place was great. i don't care if your poptarts, funfetti frosting and cake mix are all probably 5 euro each, i'm buying it. have to make american cupcakes for my birthday you know..speaking of that, 16 more days..start sending my presents in the mail now please, JUST KIDDING! so now my collection in the american drawer is's not that i don't want to eat it..but its like eating memories or something..okay maybe not that..but theres stuff for thanksgiving and whatnot as well! but there was even a south dakota license plate in the of about 10 plates total.. good ol SD represent! then i got dropped off at the train station and biked home. tonight i went to a movie with a friend from school. we saw the facebook movie! it was somewhat hard to follow because they talked so fast throughout the whole movie and i kind of felt bad because the humor was clearly aimed at americans, making references to universities, beverages, and clothing brands all extremely american. (ever asked a belgian what yale is? or mt. dew? how about victoria's secret?) but it was good to see i guess! so now i am home, EXTREMELY tired, and would like to thank you for reading the blog!! goodnight world.

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