Thursday, November 18, 2010


day 93 in belgium, hip hip hooray! today was another day where i just didn't want to wake up. again because of the cold temperature and because i am sooo tired! i think its half lack of sleep and half not speaking english at school..makes me extremely tired!the only exciting thing about dutch class was that i gave everyone their waffles, and then the teacher made me stand on her table while the class sang the dutch birthday song to was really funny! then i had some noodles i brought from home for lunch (way better than me) and had an hour of jazz, hour of nothing with my class...literally sitting in a room watching them sing, hour of library, and an hour of sitting there watching them do some play time thing. SO BORING!! i talked to two other exchange students today while i was in the library, i always see them in the library speaking spanish and it turns out they are actually exchange students that don't go to class (or don't have class) either, so that made me feel better. it also made me feel better (or bad) that they are only half way through dutch 1.1, while i'm almost 1/4 through 1.2..silly non rotary exchange programs! so then i came home from school to find a box from my friend katie had come in the mail! it was really exciting! she sent great american food of course and some funny pictures and notes from middle school. along with a hemp necklace that i'm going to try to wear till i see her again..but i also said i was going to grow my hair out and you all see how that turned out..! she sent ramen noodles, awesome! you would think i am from china or something??
don't mind the fact that i look like a hoodlum, i was walking around with slippers and a hat on all was warm. then i made cupcakes because a couple of my exchange student friends are coming tomorrow night! hooray for yellow cake and funfetti chocolate frosting! so i will end tonights blog with a nice picture, all the food i have had mailed to me and a little i bought at the american store. i feel a little bad, thinking that they in fact could have mailed it to the starving kids of the world, but then i feel special..because they mailed a little bit of home to me. its weird seeing things so familiar in belgium, because i really did leave my entire life behind in america.. so its almost as weird as seeing a person i know or something! its like..bam chicken noodle soup, woah that is normal!?? but i'm extremely thankful and appreciative to my mom and katie..i miss you america!!!!!!!! goodnight all :)

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