Saturday, November 20, 2010


day 94 and happy birthday to me! well it is already my birthday here, not sure about in the usa considering everyone reads this at a different time! all morning real school, lots of time reading and in the library. plus there was a concert from the oldest two grades, and that was a nice change from going to gym class! last class was geography, where the teacher was mad at me for not taking her test. i felt kind of baduntil she said "jij bent slecht" which is are bad, what the heck lady, what did i do to you!? so then i biked home, hung out for a little while, and got dropped off at the train station and waited for mythree other exchange student friends to come with the train. trains were being weird today so they were all late! we walked back to oud-turnhout, had some cupcakes, and eventually walked back to town. actually, i took the bus back to town..for the first time ever! as we were tandem biking, i saw a bus, ran really fast,and hopped was like 2 euro for two miles, but way better than having my friend bike with me on the back! then we ended up walking around town most of the night, eventually celebrating my birthday a little...hooray for being 19!
but look how many cards i got! thats almost more than at home! paper cards from china, a picture of a castle and pony, a package from hartz, a stress ball cube from my canadian friend, a card from my host aunt/uncle, a card from my dad, and a card from gabby from america too. i didn't put pictures of the two boxes from my mom and katie, but they were also really great!then while we were in town, two girls from my class gave me the cutest present ever! they are so nice, i feel so special! lots of candy and chocolate, even a chocolate duck!!how cool is that? so thank you belgium, for the nice night, the not so boring day, and the awesome start to my year being 19. can't believe tomorrow is still my birthday, so many fun things have already happened today! well thats all for now, really tired..hanging out with the other exchange students! goodnight and thanks for reading!

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