Sunday, November 7, 2010


hello world! i would love to tell you about my extremely eventful day but honestly theres not much to say about it..the day that is. night thats a different story. host parents are gone so its time for some extreme-partying...actually i'm just kidding, i'm pretty terrible at blog-jokes i know. anyways..yet again i literally watched tv all day in my pajamas, hah! i also read my book during about multi tasking! then vincent and i ordered pizza for dinner and obviously i got hawaiian. i'm pretty sure not only have i set out to eat everything in belgium..specifically i've set out to have every damnhawaiian pizza in this country as well. its quite humorous if you think about it..ridiculous american girl eating hawaiian pizza all the time, i don't and hate relationship. somewhat repulsing to say that out loud! (or better yet..type that). anyways! then i proceeded to watch even MORE television followed by a couple good skype chats with my good american friends buysie and katie..and then finally i got ready to go out with my friend amy tonight! we went to the reflex club thing and it was pretty fun as usual. then on the way home we went to meals will get you EVERY TIME..i swear! the sometimes i just wonder what i've gotten myself parties and happy meals, i gave up my entire life for THIS. yes, this...and this my friends, is what i call..belgium. slaapwel :)

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