Tuesday, November 23, 2010


hello all! day 98, obviously. lets see..what happened today..umm. i went to the dutch lesson and was extremely bored! i was hoping the new teacher would improve on the second day but no such luck. then i had lasagna for lunch with the music class at this place we always go for lunch when we are not at the teahouse drinking hot chocolate! i burnt the roof of my mouth pretty badly if that counts for anything..ouch. then i had an hour in the library followed by two hours with a guy that is apparently a famous musician in belgium? i didn't know that..his name is Kris Wauters and he helped the class with their song they wrote. i just sat there and played the drums a few times, then there were people from the paper and everything (publicity for the school? making it seem not as ghetto as it really is?) and i just sat in the background and giggled as my class ooh-ed and ahh-ed over this guy. what can i say, it was better than math class. or was it? at least in math class i can take a nap or read my book. then we had an hour of expression and you should know by now that it is an hour of reading my book again! then i went tanning, bought a sweatshirt, tank top, and a traded in my scarf that i bought yesterday for one without a hole in it. i really wanted another dark green one but they were out, so i settled for mustardy yellow..even though i already have one. the one i have kept shedding, and luckily this one doesn't..so it works. plus i'm wearing it now and it is extremely warm! i guess i'm also wearing a hat and slippers..have i mentioned how cold i am here!?
speaking of which, i woke up with a sore throat this morning..frustrating! i hate sore throats! i hope it doesn't get worse the next couple days or i will be angry. speaking of which, i have some terrible news for you folks. tomorrow i am going with my class to some Abbey (monks? nuns? whats an abbey, exactly?) and we stay there two nights and apparently do some kind of bonding activities, games, or something. we'll see how that goes. i could have just stayed home and gone to the dutch classes and no school the rest of the day, but i try to say yes and participate in everything of course! so who knows, maybe it will be fun. but the terrible part is that i won't be here to blog!!!! so i will write two "fake" blogs tonight just so i can come back and edit them later, is that a good plan? so warning: when reading the next two blogs anytime before friday night the 26th of november, they are fake and made ahead of time, kapeesh?!! tonight has been a lazy night, i am throwing random things in my bag and hoping they work out for me. we'll see i guess! thanks for reading todays post!

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