Tuesday, November 23, 2010


day 100! thanksgiving day!! happy (late, now) thanksgiving, america!! yesterday i was still with my school trip thing, so i didn't get to blog. but we basically just continued what we started the day before, more talking, more activities, more bonding things! i found myself missing all the typical thanksgiving things about home, but i pushed through it pretty successfully. sometimes i just forget to live in the moment, i think. but i guessi will just take this opportunity to say what i'm thankful for, because thats what thanksgiving isreally about now isnt it? i'm extremely thankful to be in belgium, first of all. i'm thankful that everyone is very accepting, helpful, and understanding to me here. i guess i just appreciate the fact that almost everyone i've met so far is so willing to get to know me and help me out with anything, its pretty great. secondly, i'm thankful for my life in america! my family, friends, possessions..car in particular (ugh biking!), and just brookings in general. i truly believe you need to lose something just to see how much that something meant to you to begin with. its not that i've lost brookings, i've simply misplaced it for a while. but nonetheless, i'm thankful for my life here and my life at home..they all make me, me...and i really like being me! oh here i go again with the weird sentences, ahhh man, so tired!! but wow, 100 days..lets see, i will be here about 11 months, which is..around 330 days, i'm almost 1/3 done then, correct? times fun when youre having flies..oh wait, time flies when youre having fun! haha, told you i was tired...thats all about day 100, hope it wasnt too difficult to understand!

here are some pictures from the little trip with school. a not so beautiful picture of myself outside of..the abbey, maybe? i really am not sure, sorry about that. then a couple pictures of my room! it looked like the hostel we stayed in before..only with crosses and weird paintings on the walls!

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