Wednesday, November 3, 2010


hello everyone! although its only almost noon, i thought i better write something earlier today rather than nothing at all, because i'm not sure if i will be near a computer tonight or not! well my host parents are officially gone to rome for a few days, so i am going to antwerp to meet my friend and stay the night at her house tonight. i can pretty much already guess my day will go like this: starbucks at the beautiful train station (tall latte, 1 pump sugar free hazelnut..), shop a little bit, go to her house or something for dinner, then i think we are going out with one of her friends for the night. we shall see. i will tell you more for sure tomorrow when i am back home! just gets a little stir crazy here in oud-turnhout all the time..sosince neither of us signed up for the rotary trips to london and paris this break she came here friday/saturday and i'm going there wednesday/thursday. truthfully i'm not that upset i didn't go to paris or london, considering i've been to paris twice and london 3 times already by the time i was 14..reasonable eh? but there will surely be other chances to go there while in belgium and maybe even again when my mom comes to visit injuly..who knows! so that is the plan for today, sorry if the blog has been a little boring lately!! thats all for now..bye!

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