Sunday, November 14, 2010


world, hello!! happy sunday day 89! today i woke up rather early for going to bed so late..around 10, maybe? so i sat on my computer for a few hours then decided to be productive and go to the bakery, since it is sunday after all. apparently today was my lucky day, they were out of croissants AND she didn't speak english. so it was time to put my broken dutch to work. we ended up with a large assortment of rolls and pastries..not to mention the pancakes we made too! every good day starts with a good breakfast, yes? so brendan the canadian eventually left and i started being even lazier. at one point i think i was watching tv, on facebook, and skype-chatting at the same time. rainy sundays...i'm not sure if i miss the snow back home yet or not. the first snow is always really exciting but i seem to be having mixed feelings about missing it. it's an all-around weird experience to be missing the first snow, my birthday, and thanksgiving. those things are undeniably comforting to me. but, clearly, i'm surviving! and you know what, i think i'm happy about it too..for now anyways. so eventually the host parents came home from their birthday weekend thing in holland and we had dinner. i tried lamb, go jamie! one whole bite! it wasn't half as bad as i was expecting..but i always think of the little lambs i had when i was a little girl for easter. my parents let me keep them in the dog kennel for a few days when we borrowed them from a farm..and we fed them from bottles, so cute! but i think i'll just stick with chicken from now on..usually a safe bet. so that was my day, thanks for reading and have a nice day/night/afternoon/evening..wherever you may be :)

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  1. We raised baby chickens too Jamie!
    So try the lamb!
    Love SD Mom