Sunday, November 28, 2010


today was day 102 in belgium! i slept in really late, due to lack of sleep and some alkaseltzer night time medicine the night before. then i spent most of the day on the computer looking up how to make things for my thanksgiving tomorrow. have i mentioned that i am cooking an american thanksgiving for my family tomorrow!? i am really really excited!! i made the pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce already today, doesn't seem quite as perfect as home but i'm still extremely excited to make the rest of it tomorrow!! on friday night i skyped with my cousins, aunt, uncle, and mom and it was really nice to see all of them together for thanksgiving! hmm what else happened today..we had spaghetti for dinner, does that count? then i went to a party thing a long cold bike ride away and it was not too terrible. the only terrible part was the coldness outside, absolutely freezing! but now i am home and i need to get some sleep, must rest up for my thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! goodnight world.

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