Wednesday, November 3, 2010


hey there world! day 77 here in belgium. a lovely tuesday of fall break. unfortunately i spent all day inside watching tv and going on and off the computer because i've got a little head/stomach ache thing goin on. but not to worry, everything is better with motrin! although my sinuses are a little stuffy too...could it be because i stopped taking my allergy medicine? well enough of the medical stuff..moving on. today i watched "bad lieutenant: port of call new orleans" and it really wasn't that good. i just ASSUMED it would be amazing because it stars nicolas cage (my favorite) but sadly i was let down. then i watched some show about Antarctica on the discovery channel, followed by random BBC shows..and then last but not least the second harry potter french. for some reason i found it just as amusing to watch it in french even though i didn't understand any of it. maybe its because harry potter has a really great soundtrack, or because you can kind of read their lips, i don't know exactly. so after being laughed at by my host family for my odd tv selection we ate dinner. at dinner i realized something weird..why do americans call the yellow green beans "wax beans"? i mean, i love them..i could eat them from grandma's garden at the lake all day (with some swisschard too..and a hamburger..oh god) but why are they called wax beans and not yellow beans or something? just a thought! so yes, we had some wax beans with dinner! then i watched a cooking show on tv, played on my computer some more, and now i am here. time for bed..very tired..going to antwerp tomorrow but i will try to blog before i leave because i am spending the night and i absolutely cannot go one day without blogging!!! even if all i put is a sentence saying i will blog the next day..i just have to do it. its like a religion! thanks for reading and have a nice rest of your tuesday, beginning of your wednesday, or what have you. goodnight!

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