Wednesday, November 17, 2010

92-three months!

the day has come, i've officially been in belgium for three months today! i think i've done a lot so far, and i hope to continue to have smooth sailing in belgium for the next 8 months. like i always have said, time here is going fast and slow all at once. when i am bored out of my mind in school things cant possibly go any slower...but when i'm out exploring with my friends or doing something interesting time seems to fly by. belgium feels a lot more like reality now, but now its more like home is the fantasy world. i guess if its not one thing than its the other, right? but other than that i think it really is crazy how much you can learn in a short amount of time. not just with the language but with your whole perspective on things. i'm only 3/11 done here so i guess i still have a lot more thinking to do eh?! so about today. this morning i found it nearly impossible to wake up, and when i finally did i couldn't find the energy to put onany make up or do my hair or any of the normal things. i think its because i have not had a good nights sleep since last friday. it could also be because i think my bedroom is absolutely freezing! these crazy belgians like to keep everything cold, plus the radiator in my room doesn't work. two pairs of pants, two sweat shirts and some socks help keep me alive. i am so used to mama mary back at home cranking the heat up in the house along with cranking the air conditioning down in the summer. just ask any of my friends, its either really warm or really cold! so maybe here it is just a normal temperature and i am not used to it..who knows. i think i lost track of "normal" anything a long time ago!! so language class was really boring today. i think i learn quicker than the other students or something because i'm the only one always yawning and working ahead in the book. that or i'm just a tired multi-tasker maybe? after that i biked home as fast as i could because belgium was absolutely freezing today. high of 43 degrees! needless to say, i wore the warm north face jacket my mom sent me in the mail yesterday. THANK YOU MOM, IT WAS WARM! although its not the most fashionable, my upper body was not freezing to death on the bike. my feet were also warm thanks to my uggs so that was nice! but on the way home i stopped at the grocery store to buy my language class treats for tomorrow. since its my birthday saturday i will give them waffles tomorrow..most of the time when its your birthday you bring something for the class at break time. it is kind of fun and i thought waffles would be sort of clever. i wanted to get juice boxes too but since there are like 30 people in my class my backpack would be too heavy!! then i came home and had some bread for lunch, and i have been meaning to mention how sick of bread i am. I HATE BREAD! i'm sorry belgium, but ahhh it is so redundant to have it every day! i'm sick of carbohydrates in general. thus i made spaghetti tonight (i like to contradict myself can you tell)! i used a packet of mccormic spices from america and it was really good! i think vincent the host brother liked it too..great! it was only us tonight because the host parents are somewhere doing something, i didn't really pay attention. today i was lazy and watched desperate housewives and supersize me on my computer. in desperate housewives they showed thanksgiving and it made me a little sad and happy at the same time. i am excited to cook thanksgiving dinner for my host family, it will be fun!! but i am also sad i cannot be home with my family (no matter how not fun it seems at the time) and make my grandma her favorite pecan pie, make whipped cream or go to the children's museum with my little cousin, and watch my other cousins dirt bike races or something. but life goes on, and certainly there is always next year! for those of you who have never seen "super size me" you are missing out on a great film about american culture, NOT! its entirely based on how fat, lazy, and selfish americans are. a guy eats mcdonalds for 30 days straight, 3 times a day, and always has to supersize his meal if they ask him. he pukes a few times, gains weight, then complains about healthcare, fat people, and mcdonalds. no wonder people think so highly of americans. all in all it was a good film for me to see actually, and i definitely won't order chicken nuggets any time soon!! then like i said i made some spaghetti and now i'm extremely tired and going to bed. i feel like i forgot to mention a lot of things but thats the basics of the day i suppose! oh and i just had a glass of alka-seltzer night because i definitely feel a cold coming on after these cold bike rides! cant leave without a photo so here is one of me laying in bed cold yesterday with my jacket fresh out of the box from america! goodnight world thanks for reading!

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