Thursday, March 31, 2011


hi reader! well thanks for reading, it means a lot more than you can imagine. today was day 226. nothing exciting happens on thursdays, i tell ya! well sometimes. i guess you sort of make your own luck in this world now dont you? today..hmm. i went to my normal school for most of the day..except the first couple hours when they have french and stuff, because thats pointless for me. as much as i wish i could speak a 3rd language, its an absolutely horrible idea to do while still learning a 2nd one, or so they say. speaking of a 2nd language, i get my dutch exam results tomorrow!! i'm 99.9% sure i passed, and i'm hoping for a really high percentage because i can just FEEL that my dutch is getting better and better every day, or i'm feeling more and more confident about it. its something so simple but i enjoy it just so much! a whole life of speaking english just seems so plain now. for all you belgians reading: add me on skype so we can talk when im back! (of beter..ik wil met jullie skypen als ik terug in amerika ben :)..) anywho! in school we learned more about our trip to italy. we leave tuesday night the 5th and get back the 16th, and i dont know why but i cant seem to make myself super excited about it yet! im slightly excited, and i will be really happy if its nice weather, but i think i'm more nervous or scared than excited, how can that be? i've done so many group trips before..and i came to belgium all alone no problem..but now a trip with my class and other people from the school makes me a little afraid? think positive and clearly now jamie! ITALY for gosh sakes. it will all be fine i'm sure. so other than that, in school the class worked on a song they wrote this year and are going to record in a studio thing on monday. at first i wasn't going to go with because monday is my first day of my new dutch class, but i sort of want to hang out with them and see what they now i get to play the tambourine and help make spaghetti since we're there all day. try everything once eh! i'm a little less of a yes man these days, because i think at the beginning of the year saying yes to everything was overkill. then i think i maybe said no too much in the middle, and now its evening out. who knows. maybe finding a balance will never be my strong point. other than that not much else to say host mom made really tasty chocolate muffins/cupcakes. comments asked for today: what's the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? i sincerely don't know and i will mail you a chocolate bar if you give me an answer ;) goodnight all


  1. Frosting! Love, Mom

  2. If you threw a cupcake against the wall, you would hear something of a 'poof!' If you threw a muffin, you would hear a 'thud!'

  3. only bran muffins go THUD