Monday, March 14, 2011


hello reader. i have a horrible headache, i'm just going to throw that out there! somebody should go and count every post i say i have a headache in, probably about 1/4 of everything i have on here says that haha. i'm super prone to headaches somehow, definitely don't know where i got that from. anyways, today i took a test quickly in dutch class which was super easy, then i went to real school where they practiced the whole concert and every song over and over the whole day. i dont understand this system AT ALL. nothing about it makes sense. we practice the whole year a few different songs, then end up only choosing two songs per group which we get to play at the concert. first of all, why is there only one concert per year? secondly, why torture us and make us practice the same boring songs over and over the whole school year, then three days at a camp thing, then the whole day today? wouldn't you think we know it already?! i dont mean any of this in a negative way, its just so different from what we do at home that i'm struggling a little bit to understand it. they just want to make a good concert like anybody else would in the world, i know that. we all just go about it different ways i guess! for example, tomorrow they practice the whole day from the start of school till the start of the concert. i have to bring my concert clothes with me there, argh! then there are two more concerts on wednesday, one for little kids i think and one at night. but what gets me the most, and the thing i dont understand at all is that both night concerts are SOLD OUT. how does that happen? thats the other part of only one concert per year that i don't like. if my dad or grandma couldn't make it to the fall band competitions or winter concert, there was always the spring one. also give you more music to play throughout the year instead of the same songs over and over, i really don't think they'll ever get out of my head, haha! i sound so frustrated, and i dont mean to. i'm just sort of sick of it all and confused over it tonight, and my headache doesn't help. its sad that my host families can't get tickets to go, because i'm always too shy to start playing the drums in the house haha. the good news is that tonight a cousin of the family (host cousin? how do you call that?) came over and we baked cookies! she wanted to see a little bit about american cookies with all the colors and stuff because she's going to be a teacher and maybe the kids find that cool. so here's a picture of our cookies, and now im going to bed. so tired. goodnight!

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