Monday, March 28, 2011


day 223, hello! nothing exciting today. monday monday monday. no dutch class this morning, because our teacher had a meeting. its actually really inconvenient! normally we have our exam over a two day period..the first day writing/reading/listening, and the second day speaking. but since our first teacher is sick, our substitute came and i guess she was busy, so anyways..i have everything for my level 3 dutch exam tomorrow! wish me luck, i didn't study..but whatever. i speak like..only dutch with my host family and at school. there are like 5 people that aren't exchange students who i still speak english with, and thats because its weird to just switch languages in the middle of a anyways, even though i only have to get above a 50%, i hope the exam goes well! anywho. today i went to english class at school. it was all about australia. personally, i liked learning about america more, but maybe thats a bias opinion? after that i went and bought a few things. i was looking for a sweater, and what will you know.....i ended up buying two. little to my knowledge were the both RED! argh..that was stupid of me. i didn't even think about the first one as i bought the second one. i just thought, oh this is nice! they're different styles and slightly different colors..but still. silly jamie...
but on the bright side, i did get the sweater i was looking for, haha. we'll see what happens with that. i dont want people to think i always wear the same red sweater when really its two! odd. after that i baked a cake from random things from my american food. it was supposed to be a bisquick coffee cake, but then i added applesauce, apple cider spices, and apple cinnamon instant oatmeal. its..not bad, but not award winning. well thats about all for today. goodnight folks!

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  1. okay i think i have to speak english again now?
    after one day of speaking dutch with you ;)