Tuesday, March 1, 2011


HAPPY MARCH! 28 weeks here today! lets see...how can i make a blog interesting about just a typical tuesday? well. dutch class this morning was nothing more than boring. except i was informed that i get to read a poem in front of a bunch of random people..i guess they are having an open house sometime in april, so half the class gets to organize and the other half has to entertain people. why couldn't i be on the list to make cookies instead of reading poetry!? and not to be rude, but rhyming in dutch sounds really weird. it even sounds a little goofy in english! but thats still a while now. went to a rotary meeting today at lunch. we had pea soup, pork, and vanilla pudding. now, i know this is the country of french fries...but there's something else that seems to show up almost as often as fries here..croquettes! (at first i wasn't sure if that was the correct translation of "kroketten" but it is!). i never say that word in english, and we rarely eat them in america. from my experience, they're just fried breaded cylinders filled with potatoes or cheese or something. even cheese and those mini shrimp! at home we would probably say "potato puffs" or "cheese balls/sticks". so of course we have those a lot at the rotary meetings. here's just a picture off google, and also a link for you to click if you're interested!

so that's my food story of the day. hope you enjoyed it. not much tonight...i attempted my hardest to pack my bag because i'm going to be gone tomorrow night, thursday, and half of friday. i am going with my class/the music students someplace to practice for our concert which is the 15h and 16th of march. (i dont understand it either, trust me). its all sort of confusing for me, but i shall bring a sleeping bag and my drumsticks along and smile i suppose! needless to say, there will be no blog thursday night. i'll try to do one tomorrow before i leave, but don't think i died if i don't post! i remember my first time i didn't write anything...facebook messages and emails thinking i was seriously ill. how cute! so here's my packing progress.

the best part is, i come home friday..just to unpack, then repack for BARCELONA! super cool. definitely keeping busy here, or i feel like i'm a lot busier these days. time's fun when you're having flies. get it? goodnight world!

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