Monday, March 21, 2011


hi all! sort of short post today, sort of have a headache! i'm guessing its because i came home from school and sat in the SUN (almost 60 fahrenheit today, WOW!) and had a beer, haha! i find that funny. but i think the combination of the two gave me a headache thats not going away. anyways. this morning in dutch class i had a test! it didn't go as well as the rest of my tests usually do, but i probably passed anyways. after that i ate lunch outside with other music people. it was just such a nice day! the sun makes everything different. on that note, it was also sunny yesterday, so i made a really cool video as i was biking to my first families house! check it out, its worth the watch! normally its about a 10 minute ride, but i sped up the video for your pleasure, haha. its pretty close to the same route i took to school every morning when i still lived with my first family!
can you tell when i go on the cobbelstone? haha i found it really funny. it was my moms idea actually, she wanted to see how far it was and how i got there and stuff. so my family helped me put a tripod in a bike basket and off i went! i went pretty slow because its difficult to bike with a camera and a cheesecake in your front basket! but nonetheless its cute to see all the buildings and the blue sky! weird to think that people ride their bikes here through the whole winter. i should take a pic of all the bikes at school sometime, its completely ridiculous! brookings could never imagine something like it. another thing i did today was had english class. there was like a student teacher lady teaching the class, and the entire lesson was a "quiz" she made about the usa. there were wordfinds, matching names to pictures (like mt rushmore) and easy questions that nobody knew like the biggest state, how many states, or locating new york. nobody knew anything! it was weird though because there was a question over the battle of wounded knee, which was in south dakota. its all just so ironic! other than that nothing much happened today. i tried to take a nap because of my headache and it didn't work. then i promised myself not to have coffee after dinner and i did it anyways, but i'm going to try and shut my computer down earlier tonight otherwise i'm not very good at sleeping. seems my need for sleep is decreasing, can that be? weird! well thanks for reading, and hopefully you (watched and) enjoyed the video!!! much love from belgium.

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