Sunday, March 13, 2011


good evening world! ssoooooo tired, but i can't go to sleep without blogging eh! i love my blog. ummm today we came home :( its actually sort of weird coming "home" to belgium, although i feel at home here..thats not what i mean, i mean just in general its weird. made me think about how its going to feel to actually go home again, sort of shoves everything closer to my face like..yes, the year actually DOES end and i'm actually NOT here forever. odd. but nonetheless, this morning we left an EXTREMELY rainy barcelona after finally getting coffee from starbucks (i think i talked about it the whole week, there was one on the corner by the apartment and i always seemed to casually mention it as we were walking by). anywho, next trip i take i am definitely not bringing a) boots, because after a few days they're no longer fun to walk in and b) a heavy suitcase. carrying that thing through what felt like half the metro system up and down staircases was crazyness. but we were on time to this flight today so that was good! had some potato chips before we got on..and i must mention this, i know i always talk about food but what the heck europe..HAM flavored potato chips? i don't understand it. no sunchips to be found ANYWHERE but there's always ham! and pickle chips here too. not dill pickle, just pickle. from lays brand too, but no dill pickle or susnchips, is that weird to you too? anyways..more important things to talk about than that, i suppose. once we got home i tried to unpack some things from my suitcase but i am always too distracted with my computer! speaking of distracted with my computer...while i was starting to blog tonight, my awesome friend katie came online and we ended up skyping for over an hour. she's hilarious, and we've been friends since middle school. ups and downs, smiles and frowns, everything in between. i'd much rather be talking to her than sleeping any day :D
goofing off together in 2005...2010, and to be continued
but on that note as well, she's going to pastry school starting next month! and tonight i made a cheesecake.
its not a bad recipe, but it always turns out a little weird in belgium. but it's tasty so thats all that counts. anywho! way past my bed time, so thanks for reading and catch yall tomorrow.

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