Saturday, March 5, 2011


199! one day till day 200!!! WEIRD. well..lets see. most of today i was still at the music thing, but now i am home and super tired. not much to say about this morning i guess...played some more, then eventually came home. but since i'm one of the lucky ones in the class that actually lives in turnhout (the rest come from all over, lots come from far away and stay here in the week at boarding school) ..i got to help unload the pianos, drums, and other junk at the school. its okay though, because they gave me a bag of chips and half a loaf of bread as a reward (leftovers from the camp thing)...i sort of laughed. hmmm then i came home and had dinner, and now i'm beyond tired. but i do think its crazy that i've almost spent 200 days in belgium. sort of surprising. well...i guess i dont really have a picture for today. maybe tomorrow i will have a couple, to make up for the loss. hmm. well, too tired to think anymore. so goodnight!

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