Sunday, March 20, 2011


good evening all! thanks for tuning into the blog de la jamie! hmmm today, sunday. lets see! first i woke up a lot earlier than yesterday, and we had eggs and bacon for breakfast. gotta love that! afterwards, we went to the "rommel markt" and if you macbook translate that, its "cheap goods market" or junk market or something, but actually its like one giant flea market garage sale thing. people bring their stuff and sell it outside every sunday morning, right next to the castle thing in town and it was nice weather today so i really liked it!
check out that (sort of) blue sky! the camera doesnt do it justice, although i can honestly say the sky is a lot bluer at home. sort of weird how that works, dont you think? maybe it has something to do with all the land and snow we have at home? who knows. i ended up buying a couple little flower pot things, some comic strips, and a scarf. its like one giant goodwill right next to a castle?! there were also scouts that were doing some kind of boat game or race or something around the castle, it was funny and therefor picture worthy
sooo after that we came home and then i made little lemon cheesecakes! in cute little ramekins with a yummy lemon curd on top. why did i make more dessert do you ask? because tonight i went to my 1st host families house! to talk and eat dinner and stuff. because i was coming it was allowed to be JUNK FOOD NIGHT!
there is not much that i like more than the kebab from oud-turnhout. chocolate, yes. and that blue brie cheese and kriek is also good. but this is up there! check out that greasy meaty goodness. real junk! but along with good junk we also had a nice conversation! its always cool to go back to my "first" family, because they will always feel like, well, family! i took a video as i was biking there, its actually super hilarious. but it's editing now trying to make it less bumpy (biking on cobblestone = horribly jerky film) and that takes a while longer and im going to bed soon so! that is for tomorrow. you guys will love it!

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