Thursday, March 17, 2011


hello! HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!! and happy 7 months in belgium to me!!! oh man, and happy almost 14,000 page views. what a good day! nothing exciting to say about today. cleaned my room, got a lot of things ready to send home like hats, heavy scarves, mittens, things i'm hoping i won't need in my last few months here! i can't decide if i want to send my beer card collection home or not...because i will definitely add more to it before i leave, and they dont take up much weight in my suitcase but hmm..we'll see.
these things and my pins on my rotary jacket are my favorite things to collect. haha im not a collector, but its sort of fun after a while. anyways! tonight i made dinner! it was fun. i made some good ol american chicken and rice cassarole..just like home, mmm. then i made a cabbage asian-ish salad, which i always find nice.
but the best part had to be the cupcakes. not only was the cool coffee machine fixed (its been broken this week) but i also made some neato irish flag colored cupcakes. such colorful cupcakes and things are still sort of weird to these belgians, but with my help maybe they'll get used to it..after all it IS st patricks day, i remember being in ireland when i was 12 or so and they drank green beer, haha!
actually thats sort of weird. thinking about how i was in ireland with my parents 7 years ago..and here i am back in europe, just making some colored cupcakes and thinking about that trip. hmm. weird! but thanks for reading, and for letting me write here for the past 7 months. have a nice day!

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