Wednesday, March 23, 2011


good evening world. today was nice, but nothing over the top cool, but still nice! this morning i had boring dutch class, and afterwards manuella and i came home quick so we could eat and then go with our rotary counselor to antwerp to meet all the other inbounds in our district to go to the zoo! the zoo was nice, but it wasn't anything special. it was nice weather so that made a difference, but the zoo itself is really old, right inside the city, and sort of small. plus nothing is that pretty in the spring and they are still working on it construction wise so i wasnt super impressed i guess. it was fun to see everybody though!

although i didn't find the zoo super fantastic, there were still some nice animals i guess! i guess i'm just not a zoo person. i feel so weird seeing animals in cages, ya know? especially when they dont look happy or excited, then you just feel sort of awkward! especially when you see buffalo and deer in cages at the thats weird! i was sitting there thinking..gee deer are annoying to hit with your car, and oh buffalo yeah those are by the lake house. but here's the buffalo statue!
after the zoo a few of us went to the shopping street and looked around. its sort of weird, because its not quite warm enough to think totally about summer clothes..but some people wear really summery things already. and other people are still in parkas and thick scarves and boots. its sort of in between! and plus as an exchange student you really cant buy much and take a lot back home, plus we've all gained a few pounds anyways so whats the point in buying things? i guess its all sort of weird and in between for a few weeks. i think even the animals felt in between! its definitely a completely different feeling than the something like the first sight of snow melting at home..theres no sense of relief or thankfulness, its just like..oh hey theres sun today, goody! in south dakota its like SUN ah lets worship it. whatever you get the point. thats all for today! goodnight!

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