Tuesday, March 15, 2011


day 210, 30 weeks, crazy! well today started out sort of bad, but ended well and thats all that matters. this morning i went to dutch class where we had a new teacher..i thought it would just be for a couple days but turns out our normal teacher is sick and won't be here for the rest of the level. thus, we have a new teacher till the end of this month when we take our exam. oh well, its really not that long i guess..its just always hard to switch teacher in the middle. this is the second time this has happened with my dutch class! super weird. but after that i went to real school where everyone studying music gathered up their instruments, clothes, backpacks and junk and walked a few blocks to "de kuub" which is where we practiced all day then had our concert. here's a picture i found on google.

here they have a big performing hall in the building next door which is like the PAC, and this place is like the little theater within the PAC at home..which explains why the tickets were sold out so quickly. good news is that my host parents got tickets for tomorrow nights show! although they dont get to sit by eachother, but they still got tickets and that makes me happy. but we practiced allllll day and it was quite boring. its such a long concert, almost 2 hours..with every transition between groups having a little film played on a projector and then a piano song played between acts too. it just takes up a lot of time. i'm hoping i can buy a dvd of it and show my real parents back home! anyways..the day was long, and eating bread for lunch and a little bit some weird pizza super quickly for dinner was not the greatest deal in the world. the "run through" of the program lasted like four hours, so we didn't have any time to leave to change and eat dinner. whatever! but i think i played well and a really nice girl even curled my hair for me so i can't complain at all. i'll try to take pictures tomorrow! tomorrow we have two concerts, one in the afternoon for kids (i guess?) and one real one at night. better get to sleep! goodnight world.

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