Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hi world. i'm not sure what i should say tonight, because i'm actually feeling not quite 100% myself. i'm a little down, because of a stupid hair appointment. haha that sounds so pathetic when i write it that way. but heres the deal, i went to get a haircut and the crazy barber with her thick beautiful asian hair was just shocked over my wimpy thin head of hair that i have. she then took it upon herself to diagnose my hair as "sick" along with telling me that it will all fall out within the next 5 years. i'm going to hope and pray that she is not correct!!! but who knows. i guess i believe pretty strongly in fate, so if the god of hair decides to be mean to me then so be it. for now i am content with my normal not too voluptuous hair. life is life, eh. i let things get me down soooo easily, and i guess that just proves that i do in fact need to stay here and not give up and go home, because then when its done i can say that i accomplished something great and anything after that should't seem so dramatic. speaking of making things a bigger deal than they should be, i actually got a 7.5/8 on my dutch test. so that was a good point of the day. another good point is that i didn't have any real school today, because i still had to go to dutch class but my real class was on a field trip thing. and the bad part of it all...i still have to get a haircut! life always seems to go that way eh..good news, good news, bad news. ups and downs. i guess its what makes us humans. thanks for baring with me all this time, reader! goodnight.
enjoying the sun from my bedroom..hmm. (pre haircut attempt)


  1. you are beautiful, inside and out