Sunday, March 6, 2011


day 201, and i'm here blogging from BARCELONA! tricultural blog now? so woke up like any other morning today..shower, sunday brunch, etc. then we loaded our suitcases in the car and drove to brussels, where we casually went to the airport to check in and maybe too-leasurly ate our packed sandwiches and had a beer while still not at the gate..thus, our plane left at 3:30 and we got to the gate at like 3:15 having no clue that they everyone had already boarded, and then they announced our names and said they had called already 6 times for us, hahaha WHOOPS! but we made it and landed in beautiful not cold at all barcelona this afternoon. once here, we took the bus from the airport to the cute apartment where we're staying this week. its way more cozy than a hotel, and also seems really close by things i think! here's some pictures:

well, since it wouldn't be jamie's blog without pictures of food....and since it wouldn't be spain without TAPAS ( i'll tell you about dinner. tapas are like appetizers or snacks and it's just a more casual way of eating and combining different things sometimes as a meal, i guess you could say? there was a pretty good looking tapas bar type place right by the apartment so we just went there. i got a beer, salad, sausage and white beans thing, and an extremely chocolatey dessert.

i feel pretty lucky to get to be here, and i'm excited to see things this week! we took a little walk after dinner and everything here is just so beautiful..cathedrals, little streets, nice looking shopping too ;) but in order to fully enjoy it i need to get to sleep. so more tomorrow for sure, thank goodness for wi-fi here. buenas noches amigos!!!!

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