Tuesday, March 29, 2011


spring is in the air! beautiful day 224. almost 60 degrees fahrenheit, and lots of sun! on top of nice weather, i think i did really well on my dutch exam today! hooray! oh and wouldn't you know it..32 WEEKS IN BELGIUM! golly gee how time flies. seems like a couple weeks ago i left home, a week ago it was snowing, and now BAM..springtime and i'm sitting outside in a beach chair enjoying the sun. i think the sun helped a little, because my summertime freckles are starting to appear...

ok first of all i know im weird, and secondly i know i don't have that many freckles. but when i'm used to seeing my pale white winter skin and my bland blonde hair, a couple little freckles makes me happy, haha. i'm so easily entertained. anywho! dutch writing test this morning, then came home and had lunch with manuella, then went back in the afternoon and did my speaking test. it was all really easy. friday i see my points, i think it should be one of my best exams yet! i'm excited to start level 4. i really think dutch is just a good language for me to learn. i might not do much with it, but its just sort of nice and motivating to go to the class and feel like i'm doing something productive..because we all know that in my other school i do close to nothing!! anywho. i procrastinated my rotary presentation the whole afternoon and managed to distract myself from baking things for once. i was bored so i made a video. its sort of pointless, but it shows the pretty day in the little city quite nicely. tonight my host brother went to the "frituur". thats the place that fries everything, so after some chicken nugget type things and a lot of french fries...the healthy salad i had for lunch just gets completely canceled out. but it was oh so good. i will miss BELGIAN (not french) FRIES, a lot. you win some you loose some eh!! thats life. goodnight!

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