Wednesday, March 9, 2011


hi world! 29 weeks (i want to say in belgium but now thats not correct) away from home! still can't believe im in the 200s already with days. also 15 followers is pretty nifty. lots more cool things here in barcelona today! got going a little later this morning but still did a lot. got some bread from the baker in the street for breakfast, ate that, then we were off to find the metro to take to where we wanted to go. well, we found THE metro, but i guess there were two different metro companies so we searched for probably an hour and when nobody really knew or wanted to ask more than once (we asked and nobody really knew either) i asked two random girls and they showed us where to go. so we took the metro to Tibidabo ( which is like the highest point in Barcelona apparently. i thought it would be an easy little hike but we ended up hiking for at least an hour and a half up this rocky trail and it wasn't cold out but wasn't warm today, so the minute i took my sweater off i was cold again..haha, it was nice in the end. but those of you that know me know that most kinds of physical activity make me a little crazy.
about half way up...
slightly rocky steep path?

but at the top there is this big church and an old amusement park, and we went all the way to the top of the church and it was super pretty!
^church..forgot to take a pic of the whole thing. check my wikipedia link! sadly it was sort of cloudy today (and kind of windy), otherwise you could see more of the sea and stuff but it was still really nice. after that we took a little tram thing down sort of like the one at the matterhorn, directly and steeply down..haha nobody knows what i'm talking about there maybe. we took the metro back to the center and found a daily market with lots of fruit and vegetables, fish, cheese, smoked meats, and even special eggs and random weird things like heads from sheep..weird spain!
there was also brains, whole skinned rabbits, stomachs and stuff. gross! but there was really cheap fruit and smoothies so we ended up buying some fruit and cheese.
after that we came to the apartment to relax a while since we had already done so much! but a day wouldn't be a day without TAPAS! hahah..we met my host sister (who is here studying this year) at a place and had some tapas for dinner. you just go grab what you want and in the end they charge you for how many toothpicks you have (because each thing is like held together with one)!
cute concept. a never ending catered party sort of. so the last thing we did today was walk home, but not before buying some moroccan cookies! they're awesome..i wish we lived closer to morocco, i'd eat that over chocolate chip cookies any day. here's the nice variety at the little shop (located right next to a sex shop, hahahah no worries it wasn't in our neighborhood).
so we came home, turned the soccer game on tv on and had some cookies and coffee. at this point i can't even imagine being in south dakota with so much snow and cold and no awesome food and hiking...weird weird..amazing what you can accomplish in just 29 weeks. goodnight!

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