Friday, March 11, 2011


hola reader! happy thursday..still in spain, yay! i like it here a lot more than belgium, but i don't actually know if i'm allowed to say that or not? first of all, the weather is a lot nicer. secondly, the food is better. third, shopping is better. and last, i sort of like hearing spanish more than dutch. besides all of that, there seem to be lots of things to see..while i have seen most of belgium already by now. (except Bruges/Brugge, who wants to go there with me soon??) anyways! its cool to be on vacation..while technically already being on vacation (living in belgium, seems pretty much like vacation with the little amount of work i do in school :p) this morning was sort of weird because i didn't wake up and take a shower before everyone else like i've been doing...i think it was because i had a stomach ache around 4am that lasted for like an hour, super annoying. anyways. we went shopping in the morning and i still couldnt find ANYTHING to buy. seriously...NOT NORMAL! we went to so many cute shops, saw lots of neat things..but my interest in shopping is close to none its completely weird. after that we went to another market, then we had lunch. after that we came to the apartment for a little while and then reluctantly (because i was/am super tired from all the walking) left to go see castle montjuic. it's an old castle that we took cable cars to the top of (like i said, tired...and lazy) and then walked around a little.
it was a really pretty view of the harbor(?)/ocean and stuff.
the view of the city was nice too but it was better the past couple days from on top of the other mountains. definitely glad we went even though it seemed like so much effort at the time, haha. afterwards we took the metro back and attempted to shop a little more. i ended up buying a jacket, scarf, and i guess i did pretty well. not exactly what i was looking for but still decent. tonight we went to my host sister's apartment and she made dinner. real shrimp! we had to peel them and everything, it was fun and tasty. the only not fun part was the metro ride there. a dude seriously tried to pick pocket me, but luckily i saw him then ran closer to my host parents so then he ran away. such a scary feeling though! he kept getting closer and closer to me with his hand under his jacket that he had in his arms. that would work if the train was more crowded and i was paying a little less attention..but ah! not cool. i guess i'm a south dakota girl after all. thats all for today, sooooo tired! goodnight.

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