Thursday, March 24, 2011


hello! day 219..i don't know if i remembered to say it on day 217 or not (the bad hairdresser day) but now its been over 31 weeks in belgium! weird. soon the countdown till the end will begin, but before that nonsense..i'll keep telling you about my days! today had sort of a rocky, crabby, negative start..but it definitely got better. i ended up finding some shoes i want to buy and also making a.....
strawberry pie! complete with some fresh whipped cream. because its just so nice outside! like i've probably said, pushing 60 degrees here. it's going down now the next few days, but not much under 50 i think. i cant believe i forgot to mention this, or i think i forgot, wait..maybe i already said this.. but i will be gone this weekend. yippee! i'm leaving tomorrow after school to go to Bruges! (maar eigenlijk vind ik brugge in het nederlands een betere naam..)! i'm going with two girls that are sort of in my class and another exchange student that lives in antwerp. it should be fun! i'm excited to see Bruges, and also excited because we're going to go to the sea as well. i hear the sea is really ugly, grey, and cold...but after over 7 months here you'd think i'd have seen it by now and i havent, crazy! sooo yes. thats the good news. bad news is that i won't be back blogging till sunday. so you guys have a few days off of reading! but i'll try to put something on here tonight just for fun..and maybe our hostel will have wifi but i doubt i will write anything. darn i love my blog! i'm sad that i won't be able to blog when i go to italy over easter vacation...because its through the school and stuff so its probably not a good idea? who knows. hmm what else. we had ceasar salad for dinner..and at the grocery store the chicken wasnt very good so i suggested salmon with the salad and apparently that was a surprising request. but we made it with some spices and it was nice! not as good as the sams club ones my mom has at home :p well thats about all for today....goodnight!

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