Friday, March 4, 2011


hmm..yesterday was 198, i don't have much to say about it i guess. but i should probably try to explain what i was doing the past couple days! well..since in belgium you choose a direction to study, and i'm in the music direction, obviously we are going to have a concert eventually, right? so all the different groups have been practicing in school the whole year but the concert is not this coming week but the next..and this week we have a whole week of vacation (NO SCHOOL!) so the past couple days we were all at this half field trip half music camp type thing. basically everyone practiced with their groups all day and only stopped to eat or sleep. but of course i'm not at school half the week so i miss lessons like choir and stuff...thus at first i thought i was only going to be able to play with jazz band, and for the rest just sit there bored..but it turns out they sort of liked me, so now i'm playing drumset with jazz, a choir song, a couple dancing songs, and even timpani with everyone playing recorders (to the 20th century fox song..a little ridiculous but funny). anywho, besides sleeping on an air mattress (and getting hit in the face by my sleeping neighbor in the night) and eating too much bread and cold spaghetti, it was much better than expected. i took a total of like four pictures, and this is the best one and its still horrible, haha. here's sort of the hall where we were...

later i went to another room to practice, and there i saw a really interesting picture. this place we were at was what i assumed to be like a community band/band place..and there were pictures in the other rooms of this band in different places and at different concerts..such as england in 1997, or their christmas concert last year..but one picture brought it all together. them playing at mt rushmore! in 1992..slightly after i was born, which is funny because we always went there in the summer when i was little..and then a couple years back i went to music camp there and played at the same spot..who would have thought i would ever come here, halfway across the world in a random room in the middle of belgium and see that picture? haha..i guess it is in fact MORE than a small world, after all. thats all for now!

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