Wednesday, March 30, 2011


225, and i'm officially going to call this my pancake blog. but first, a brief summary of my day..slept in because i didn't have dutch class, suuuuper nice. then made my best attempt at working on my rotary presentation almost the whole day..i got about 15 slides done, and i already have my outline done. i'm hoping for about 20 slides in total and talking a little less than a minute over each slide..i dont know. presentations are always fun and easy to make, but if i don't have a direct deadline the next morning then my motivation is ZERO! anyways. back to my blogging about PANCAKES! pancakes, or "pannenkoeken" in dutch, are extremely tasty in belgium. they rank very highly on my list of favorite food here..probably even higher than waffles! how can that be!? but let me first say..for those of you american reading, its not an american pancake. nor is it exactly what we would call i crepe, i don't think. along with music, i've found that pancakes are also an international language. each culture sort of has their own version. we have the thick ones, france has their crepes, and for that matter..norway has lefse and mexico has tortillas, close enough right? <--sort of an interesting site about pancakes around the world! but the reason i'm talking all about this is because we had pancakes tonight, because its wednesday. wednesdays we usually have waffles or pancakes for lunch or dinner. its sort of the equivalent of junk food friday with my first family ;). heres a picture of the leftover pancake tonight..nobody had room to finish the poor guy...

i could have taken a prettier picture with a pile of them there still warm, but i'm jamie the procrastinator remember. so these special thin pancakes are just awesome. what makes them even awesom-er is the recipe. i HIGHLY recommend you to grab some paper and write down what i'm about to share with you, because i promise you that someday you'll want to make some pannenkoeken, if not already today!

pannenkoeken! (van mijn 2de host mom!)
200g self rising flour (flour with a little baking powder and a pinch of salt)
250ml milk
250ml BEER! (seriously like a can of beer...normal beer, not like guinness or corona!)
1 package vanilla sugar..aka one teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons sugar
4 eggs
50g melted butter or oil

mix everything but add the oil/butter at the host mom adds about a cup of oil when the rest is already mixed instead of butter..cook them in a big pan on really high need to butter the pan with that much oil in the batter, hah!

[attempted conversions into american use: 1.6 cups flour, a cup of beer and a cup of milk, and vanilla sugar simply does not exist in the usa, so just add vanilla..sweet toothed americans might also want to add more sugar to the recipe in general haha]

my serving suggestion...with NUTELLA! so that was my pancake blog. i hope you enjoyed it, and i hope you go make pancakes someday. i definitely know what i'm making for my friends when i get home......!!!! goodnight world.

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