Monday, March 7, 2011


barcelona day two! SUPER nice weather, walking, and lots to see today. started off with the cathedral.
followed by a do you describe that? outdoor patio/garden things...
then another church!
then walking through a park..

then walking to the sea, where we sat for a couple hours and relaxingly ate lunch IN THE SUN! just some authentic spanish paella by the water in my tee shirt..
anyways..then we walked for a while and found our way back to the apartment. tried to go to a jazz club but my host brother is only 15 so we couldn't get in. instead, we got ice cream which was much tastier than dairy queen and zesto combined. speaking of ice. cold day in south dakota? enjoy the snow, i will just be here in barcelona enjoying the sun, beautiful sights, and being very very thankful for all the opportunities this year has offered me. goodnight!


  1. Mooie foto's!
    Maar ik voel me nog steeds in Belgiƫ :(

  2. im quite jealous of all the good food you seem to be trying!