Sunday, March 27, 2011


222 today! i shall continue my story from yesterday's blog post. sooo in the afternoon we took the bus to the beach, because after a while Bruges becomes sort of too touristic. not that the sea was any better, but i still was really happy because i got to finally see the beach! it was really cold and the water was gross and grey, but we walked around, had some warm drinks and collected a few sea shells!

after some more cold walking we took the tram, the bus, then another bus and finally were back to our hostel. well, turns out you can meet some interesting characters at hostels! a couple australians, scottish guys, and a chinese dude later we got all the information on the cool places in town to go. so reluctantly tired jamie followed the crowed and walked back into town (our hostel was a solid 20+ minute walk to the middle of town, and we ended up going to a cafe and drinking and playing foosball. that will always be weird for me to type, considering i'm not 21. but you all know me well enough to know i just had one cherry beer then i wanted to go back to the hostel and sleep. so we walked back and just maybe had to stop and get some french fries for the walk back ;) darn belgian fries! just so tasty. time is just going quickly, gotta eat the fries while i can eh! horrible excuse, haha. so that was yesterday! this morning we got up early, or what felt like early..because we had to check out by 10am and also we finally switched with daylight savings time last night. belgium does it as well, just always a couple weeks later than america. then we took the trains and now i'm back! i will leave you all with something funny tonight, a little something these belgians call a "biking bar"(fietscafe? hoe vertaal je dat?). we saw one in Bruges by the station and i got a big kick out of it. they jokingly suggested doing as a going away party for me, and i just found the whole thing hilarious. so try to get a good laugh out of this biking and drinking mobile bar, and have a very nice day/night :)

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