Wednesday, March 9, 2011


hola amigos! short blog, because i'm super tired again from all the fun things here in barcelona. this morning we went to Park Guell (üell) ..we had to take the metro there because it was sort of far away, but afterwards we walked back which wasn't so bad (compared to yesterdays big hike haha) especially since we stopped to eat and shop along the way. here's me at a the top of the park!
so park guell is a pretty park on top of a hill where you can walk through and eventually see things designed by Gaudi (and his former house too)..theres lots of mosaic things like a salamander and a pretty terrace.
it was nice! i was really scared for a little bit though because there were people selling things off the ground like in new york or something, and then all of the sudden they all quickly packed up and ran away and i thought it was a bomb or who knows what...but it was just the police coming haha. nonetheless, i bought some junky bracelet from one of the guys selling things..but that was before they all ran away. so like i said, afterwards we sort of casually walked back..did some shopping, but i was extremely tired apparently because i didnt buy anything. actually, i bought some post cards, a pin, and a fake 500euro bill patch to sew on my rotary jacket. i saw a leather jacket i sort of liked..but i sort of can't see myself wearing a light blue leather jacket next fall to sdsu? i saw a purse i liked but its from paris, not i didn't buy that either. better luck tomorrow maybe! oh..on the walk back we saw this building by gaudi..à mila, i'm not quite sure what its about but i remember seeing and hearing about it in spanish class a while back. cool!
tonight we got pizza and spaghetti and ate at the apartment. i promised myself to go to bed earlier and look i'm still here blogging..ahhh! bed time. buenas noches!

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