Saturday, March 19, 2011

213! 213, i don't like 13s! but i liked today, although the weather was...not good. i'm actually sort of jealous of brookings with their melting snow. the feeling of seeing the snow melting and knowing that spring is right around the corner is always so refreshing, i really miss that! i mean, there are sunny days here but then there are days like today where it drizzles and is cloudy all day so sometimes i think a nice solid winter then some heavy melting would be nice. who knows! so today in language class we learned more words about weather and natural disasters like hail, thunder, lightening, volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes and stuff. nobody could believe that in south dakota there are actually tornadoes!! people thought it was no big deal to have a volcano in the back yard or the occasional earthquake, but when i said that we had tornadoes they were like...WOAH! haha, weird. anyways! after that i found my class for lunch..then went to boring school. in the last lesson they talked about their field trip next week, which i guess i'm not going to because i have dutch class, and monday i have a test in class and then the week after is my exam already, so i suppose i should be there instead. sometimes people like to have a voice for me, which is good in some situations but other times its like..i'd like to choose things for myself. although i probably would have ended up with the same conclusion, haha. after school a girl from (sort of) my class came over because we needed to look up hostel's for when we go to brugge/bruges next weekend! i'm excited. we ended up submitting a couple things on, where you stay at random people's houses for free in hopes that you'll return the favor someday or just be a good citizen haha. we'll see how that goes, more about that later. then i went grocery shopping quickly with my host mom. it was a cold wet bike ride to the grocery store and its only like a block away! we had taco's for dinner. i also made guacamole and then brownie cups. i think it was pretty good. its a sure sign that i'm comfortable here when i keep doing all this baking! seems to be no matter what country i'm in, everybody always says i make them fat, haha! so thats about it for today. since i am too lazy to take any pictures today, i have a video of my band concert to share with you, ya lovely reader you! so enjoy, and have a nice day/night/afternoon!

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