Saturday, March 19, 2011


hello world! today was a nice day, and although i didn't get my lazy self outside to enjoy the sun, i still am content with my day. i woke up really late this morning, probably because i went to bed sort of late...i think i spend too much time on my computer! it can get quite addicting. but whatever. so after waking up around NOON(!) both of the "grandmas" (host grandmas? what do you call that) were over for the day so we had steak and french fries and it was especially tasty because it was still breakfast time for me, haha. here's the dessert i made yesterday :)

cute lil brownie cups eh! then i went on my computer some more, and finally accomplished A LITTLE bit of progress on my rotary presentation. i got the outline done, and next i'm going to write it all out in english and make a powerpoint of pictures, then translate it all to dutch and double check it with a few people, haha. not as easy as it sounds i guess. so tonight after dinner i was trying to go to bed early but of course still on the computer when my awesome friend BECCA (and her sister) called me on skype. it was so fun talking to them! i really love getting emails, blog comments, skype calls, and the occasional letter. all that stuff makes me really happy! there are so many nice people back home, and here too. i think sometimes i just forget how kind something like a skype call is and how happy that can make me or anyone else, haha does that even make sense? but seriously. time for bed now. goodnight!

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