Thursday, March 17, 2011


hello! short post tonight, its like 1am and i'm still not sleeping. we all went out to drink something after the concert tonight, and its a long concert to begin with plus packing everything up.. so thus i'm home sort of late! today my lucky self got to wake up early and head to the performing place so we could have a concert for little kids. by little i mean like, 8-12, and they were sort of obnoxious but nobody was nervous and it was probably good practice so it was fine. after that we had an hour or so to eat lunch, then after that we watched a movie. we watched "music and lyrics" which was actually sort of a cute movie. more of a romantic comedy than anything. and as much as i tried to fall asleep like everyone else by laying on multiple chairs, i still was awake for the whole thing. i would have rather gone home to take a nap and get ready for the concert but whatever. after that we actually DID get to go home so i came home and curled my hair, put some make up on, and ate dinner. my hair and makeup ended up being redone (or just a second time..two layers, great) when i got there. anyways, eventually we had our night concert and here are some pictures. you can thank my host dad and his great front row spot for the nice pictures!!

jazz band, jazz band with a singer, and the whole group (who i nervously had to click off with my sticks..) blahh. but nonetheless i think people liked it, or i hope so. the teachers, my family, and the other classmates haven't said anything negative anyways ;) if anything i think i was maybe too loud. and in the concert this morning, a guy counted off this swing tune for like a jazz choir, and apparently i didn't like his tempo so i just pulled them all up with me with my brushes on the drum set..and afterwards all the teachers were telling me what a good job i did, i laughed because i didn't even realize i did it. i guess i'm sort of a tempo person. as in music, your life has to have a good tempo as well. finding your tempo is like finding your balance, and i guess i'm learning to make my own tempo and find my balance here in belgium goodnight world.

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