Monday, February 28, 2011


195! five more days till 200 days in belgium, and tomorrow is already MARCH! february was super super short. seems like yesterday i was here writing how fast january was gone! Well, normal boring monday if i do say so myself. Language class was nothing special, and in real school i had english class. in english, they played on a website where they had to listen and talk back to help their pronunciation. although my british english and not american accent could use some help, i was allowed to just chill playing on the computer the whole time. and would you believe it..they figured out a way to block facebook even with the sneaky way i accessed it! what a shame. twitter was also blocked..its such a pity! hopefully i won't have to sit in the library for many more days this year. after that our teacher was gone so i came home. such an exciting day..i think i have two hours in the library and one lesson tomorrow as well. I JUST LOVE SCHOOL! sarcasm is getting heavy tonight, haha. but here is the good news of today! before i went to school the doorbell rang, and my host mom answered and we got my package from my mom! now, if you're a good reader you will know that at the beginning i received many large packages from home. i haven't had one from her since christmas! but this time i needed american deodorant (they use the weird spray kind here..not my thing), a memory card for my camera (since i lost one like the first week i was here), and a couple cookie cutters and magazines as well. so that was nice! today i also finally applied for college (again!). these days a lot of schools wouldn't defer my enrollment, so after being 100% sure where i wanted to go next year i reapplied. my scholarships and recommendations and stuff are still good, but for some reason i had to apply again. i see no reason why they wouldn't except me again this year, so its fair to say IM GOING TO SDSU NEXT YEAR! something i really laughed at though was the question "have you lived for the past 12 months in south dakota?" on the application. most of the questions were so basic..such simple knowledge of my life like name, address, school, whatever.. but that one sort of came as a shock to me. i stated my major as "nutrition and food science" and i guess we shall wait and see what goes from there! it will be so different to be back home, studying, and not having my blog every night and somebody/something to share everything with like i do now. well, as promised...a photo a day for every day of february. although it was such a short month, i hope you enjoyed my attempt at photographically trying to entertain you these past few 28 days :) here's me.. my memory card, american deodorant, and future university's tee shirt.

i guess this is when reality really starts hitting, or what? goodnight and thanks for the nice february, readers!!! :)

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