Tuesday, February 8, 2011


175 days in belgium! 25 WEEKS IN BELGIUM! to me, thats pretty cool. i'm actually quite proud of myself! today was a good day, especially because the sun was shining. normal language class, followed by a normal rotary meeting over the lunch hour. it was pretty boring, but at least we didn't have to eat fish. its nice that they always invite us though, i suppose. last saturday at a rotary thing manuella and i talked to these two girls from our school who are going on exchanges next year, and they talked us into going to their class with them today. so..after lunch manuella and i went to their class where we played with paints the whole afternoon. it was a lot better than math class, but i think a four year old has more talent than i do! but personally, i had fun and to me that is all that matters. i am happy with my lack of creativity.
so yeah, it was really nice to be with people who had the same interests as i do about going on an exchange and stuff. maybe i'll go back next tuesday, who knows. there was one girl that looked at me and said "don't do art". i laughed, because thats my general reaction to everything.. but she was completely serious and looked at me like i was very unintelligent. you know, i may be a little sensitive but come on..if you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all. but when someone says something like that, it just makes you appreciate the nice people more. for example, the girl who told me to try and make a sun (which i failed at). or the girl that took manuella and i to meet her friends after school. anyways! nothing much else about today except that my host mom made awesome dessert. she's great!
..maybe tomorrow i will try to make cupcakes? we shall see. goodnight world! stay pretty :)

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