Wednesday, February 16, 2011


good evening reader. happy day after valentines day! today was really long..thats about all that can sum it up. dutch class followed by real school..what a drag! two hours in the libary and an hour of reading my book in math class. someone PLEASE remind me why i drag myself to this nonsense every day? there are so many positive things about this year, but sometimes like today i can only focus on the not so positive. (i refuse to call it the negative, everything has a little positive in it, right?). the not so positive is things like doing nothing at school. the gap year is really difficult in that sense. i'm done with all my school responsibilities at home, which leaves me between a rock and a hard place for school here. the level is higher than in the us, first of all. and secondly, the language continues to be a barrier for me because the information is all new so its like..impossible. words i dont even know in english probably. plus in general its just different. so i guess that frustrates me a bit at times, but i'm trying not to let it get to me! next year in college i will be missing how easy i had it here, thats for sure!! so after a boring day at school i came home and watched desperate housewives on my computer, then snacked on a bell pepper. try it sometime, its tasty. then eventually i got ready to go to the monthly rotary evening meeting...oh the joy. a guy talked about how you can use rats to find land mines for almost two hours!! he was very intense and it was almost funny. pretty smart idea though, i guess they're cheaper than dogs and don't set the bombs off. if anything, it was good dutch practice to listen to him ramble on. well thats about all i have for today, so here are a couple pictures from the meeting to leave you with! goodnight!

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