Saturday, February 5, 2011


Good day everyone! day 171 here, and all is still well of course..especially since it is FRIDAY! weekend again, gotta love that. this morning i had language class, and it was nice. i really really like my new teacher and that makes everything so much easier! she has a positive, giddy point of view on teaching..someone who truly believes that "there are no stupid questions", haha. i'm actually very glad i get the opportunity to study the language so intensely. the classes can get really annoying, boring, and may seem pointless..but compared to my real school they are amazing. real school today was not that bad though. in geography they are talking about all the same things i learned last year in earth-space science with mrs vanderwal, and its really hard for me to pretend i don't understand anymore..because i've already learned it in english so talking about divergent and convergent boundaries and plate techtonics stuff really isn't that big of a challenge. today i went to lunch with manuella (from brazil, i will say that over and over till you finally remember) to the tea house place. she got pancakes and i got hot perfect for this windy windy day here. i can't believe how windy it is, it feel like south dakota in the fall! after school i bought manuella a present for her birthday on monday. oh guess what! on monday i don't have real school..only language class. it's a day easily compared to teacher inservice back in the usa, so this will make up for me feeling bad for not having any snow days like back home. for those of you reading not from SD, my hometown high school had THREE SNOW DAYS in a row this week..that means they didn't have to go to school because there was so much snow. can you believe that? i was jealous! but actually they should be jealous of me..because guess what, i had FRENCH FRIES FOR DINNER! and a bicky burger. but before eating really healthy for dinner, i baked cookies with my host bro.
there is some kind of family gathering on sunday that i guess i'm going along to, so the valentine looking cookies will be given to the grandma of my host brothers and sisters or something. after french fries and stuff, we all watched a movie called "girl with a pearl earring" about a dutch painter in the 17th century who paints a picture of his peasant maid which becomes his most famous work...not sure if i got that all right, but it was pretty good. tonight i thought i would try to iron on a couple patches to my rotary jacket, but turns out they weren't the iron on type. since i am not a good sewer and my grandma is not around here my host mom did it, and also her and my host sister gave me lots of pins for the jacket.
i can't believe how nice they are or how lucky i am. living with a family is so cool because at home i only live with one parent and no siblings. everything has its ups and downs! gotta remember that. well that's all for today. thanks for reading!

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