Sunday, February 20, 2011


hello all! fun day in belgium, but i must say..i've had a super annoying and painful sore throat going on ALL DAY! it hurt sooooo much while i was sleeping, i hate that. then the whole day while i was trying to enjoy myself it was super sore. oh well, it was still a nice day! you'll never guess what i did after lunch with my family....went to a soccer game with my third host dad! not just any soccer game, this was a professional game in holland! now let me remind you...holland and spain were the two teams in the world cup last year, and although this wasn't the same's still soccer country eh? anywho. the stadium was super huge and the game was good too! i guessed 5-1, and my future host dad guessed 3-1, the scored ended up being 4-1 so we both were right, haha. i even got a scarf and keychain as a present, what a nice day! it would have been so much better if i could swallow without being miserable. that never puts me in a cheery mood. i remember being advised to get my tonsils out a few years ago when i had multiple cases of strep throat within a short period of time, but i didn't do it. maybe when i come home i can get my tonsils AND my wisdom teeth the same time, then i can be double miserable, haha NO WAY! so here are some pictures from the game..look how huge the place is! apparently it holds like 34 thousand or something. it was like the cotton bowl or the rose bowl or something, only one thing i noticed was that the people watching ACTUALLY WATCHED, unlike in the USA how they watch while eating a snack and listening to the marching band. other than that it was almost just like american football, except for the sport is completely different. and its too cold to tailgate. wow that makes me excited for next year at home! so anyways. at home now there is supposed to be like 10 inches of snow, i can't believe that! today was very cold, like freezing temperature..i guess it gets better later this week. a little sun would make my throat feel much better! so after some tea and too long on facebook, i'm finally writing this blog, and now i'm going to bed. enjoy the pictures below!!! thanks for reading.

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