Wednesday, February 9, 2011


reader! hello. happy wednesday! today was again nice weather in belgium. the sun always puts me in a good mood. it's hard to imagine what it would be like if i was home and had to put up with all the negative temperatures! i haven't even worn a real jacket the past couple days. just a random combination of a couple sweaters. i haven't worn my uggs to school for maybe a month now, its just too warm. and a hat and mittens aren't super necessary unless its an extended amount of time. that would be basically impossible in brookings! thus, i'm pretty content for now. this morning i had dutch class and only dutch class. i love half days! i spent the rest of my day baking cupcakes. literally the rest of my day. i ended up making carrot cupcakes with marscapone frosting (which i might add is almost better than cream cheese frosting) and also chocolate/chocolate chip/applesauce cupcakes with chocolate frosting. i don't know why i've never baked with much applesauce before, you can use it instead of oil in a lot of recipes and i don't know, i think i will just always been an applesauce fanatic. i must mention that the applesauce i used today was some that my mom shipped from america to here, haha! slowly the cupboard full of american products is getting used. oh and i also should say that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sprinkles and cupcake liners sent by Ms. Hartz..i can't get over how cute they turned out and how good it feels to get something thoughtful from home. what i mean is, i love baking and i felt very comfortable and relaxed making valentine cupcakes today, haha!

so i feel like i should say more than telling you i had eggs and bacon for dinner, but it seems that this is in fact a food blog. what else can i say about tonight..umm! i dont know. i guess today is a little boring to write about. but it was really fun, and nice weather, and february is like 1/3 done. woah! within a month we are going to barcelona. i am SO excited..oh my goodness! i wonder if it will be warm there? maybe i should brush up on my ever-so-bad spanish. in that case: buenas noches y gracias por leer!!!!(?)

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  1. hey Jameske, wat heb je mooie cupcakes gemaakt.
    Smaken ze ook lekker?
    Als je er teveel hebt, breng ze maar naar ons!
    Ik mis het bakken hier eigenlijk wel een beetje!
    hostmom 1