Monday, February 7, 2011


happy second week of february! unbelievable, really. today was monday, and i only had language class! it was really nice not having to go to real school this afternoon. instead i got to go back to my first house and see my first host mom and brother. thats so weird, having different families. but its also really nice at the same time. i get to see life in belgium with three different families. it reinforces the fact that in the world not everybody does things the same, just like having different families. not that i wouldn't want to stay with any of them for one year, but i mean i can see why the rotary chooses to take this path. but anyways, i saw them and it was really really nice! i could barely stop talking i think! but while i was there i got a package and some mail from home. grandma and grandpa's christmas card along with an amazing valentines package from Hartz! wow, my MOM didn't even send me a valentines package. i'm going to try my hardest not to open the rest till valentines day, but i got sprinkles and cupcake liners and i am REALLY excited to make valentine cupcakes!!!!
so before i went back to visit family 1, my every so sweet host mom generously offered to have manuella over for lunch. its her birthday and i gave her a lunch box..something typical from belgium that she can maybe take home with her. we had amazing pancakes!!! not american pancakes but like..crepes. the recipe my host mom uses adds a whole BEER to the batter, crazy right? i found them especially tasty with nutella. americans by far don't use enough of that chocolatey hazelnutty spread. well i guess that's about all for today. tonight we had pizza, i think i enjoyed myself a little too much today. days like today make me feel a bit guilty. no school, pancakes, good conversations, and how bout them packers!!!!!!!? goodnight all!

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