Friday, February 18, 2011

184! 6 months!

six months in belgium today!!! its hard to believe that six months ago today i woke up, went to the airport, hugged my parents goodbye and hopped on the plane to this adventure in belgium. six months ago i said a temporary goodbye to my bed, house, dogs, car, friends, family, town, state, country, and everything i've ever known. i'm surprised i had the guts to get on the plane..i was so scared! my whole last year of high school was all about "oh yeah im going to BELGIUM next year" wooo i'm so independent...then when the time came to get on the plane all alone i felt like the weakest person in the world! it was very hard to look my parents in the eyes and say "see you in 11 months!" ..but look where i am now, I DID IT! i've made it six months in a world of everything new, and i wouldn't change it for the world! its crazy to think of all the things i've already seen and learned during my time here. this year is not only about culture, its about yourself. i've learned to see my life and the world in a whole new perspective. books, money, and vacations would have never given me the same experience that i have now.. and for that i am super thankful! thankful to all of my families and friends and for everyone else that helped me get so far. hahaha, its like i won a grammy or something. along with being thankful, i'm also really proud of myself. i think its fair to say i had/have more homesickness than a lot of people, or maybe i'm just more open about it. i think it's really helped me to have my blog as a diary to write in every night to express my thoughts, talk about my day, and share my journey with those who are interested in reading. i could blog for the rest of my life if i could, haha just kidding, but i really enjoy it. so thanks for my average of 67 views per day, it gives me some motivation to write things down so i will never forget them while maybe entertaining you at the same time. time to talk about today now! school...long thursday of school. no language class on thursday, so i get to go to school a little later but its still SCHOOL! haha i would never complain about BHS again if i had to go back there! except today i had jazz band, i can honestly say its the one class i don't dislike. in fact, i enjoy it..i think almost love it. i had to play a new orleans second line feel (dad are you reading?) and i realized just how bad my chops are. guess the arm muscle gradually fades away with no practice and too many french fries and waffles? other muscle goes away too but i don't want to go there, haha. i came home for lunch because i forgot my stick bag and i ended up cleaning my armoire. thats officially the only clean thing in my room. every day i try to clean it a little and it just doesn't work!!! its a sign that i am busy and not spending time in my room though. i feel bad having a messy room..clothes and books and stuff. books such as these pictured. my level 1, 2, and 3 dutch books! i love my language class :)

tonight we went to a dance recital/performance..i guess i don't know what to call it! it was these 7 extremely well built african guys that did amazing choreography to music from bach. way cool! but makes me want to start working out. my family is so nice to take me! so i guess that is all for today. thanks again for reading and making my 6 months of blogging a success :D

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